How to build gun safe on your own

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How to build gun safe on your own

Safe firearms and the way to follow can be a real challenge. Did you know that thousands of deaths and injuries of fatal crashes die every year in the USO? The figures from a few years ago have shown that every year, more than 1,000 American children need to be treated in a medical way to avoid accidents. If your weapons are blocked, you can contribute to reducing the risk that this will happen. Then there's the risk that your gun gets in the wrong hands when an intruder breaks and steals it. Up to 600,000 firearms are stolen every year in the The United States, many of the vehicles, but also of homes and businesses, which are the country.

In this sense, it is clear that you need to have a safe gun. What if you don't have the money to buy one, or just not to find it, which fits your needs perfectly? Could you find out how to build a weapon safely and protect your weapons in this way?

Why? Do you trust yourself?

As already indicated above, there are some reasons to think about the construction of your weapon. For the people, it's a simple matter of finance. The best pistols are very expensive, and the less expensive do not offer the internal space or the protection that you need

Another reason can be that you can't find the exact model that you need. You can indeed choose are a lot of different models, but perhaps you need some special requirements that you can't satisfy by merely making a safe.

Of course, some people may decide to take on this task simply because they love to do things. It's a stave job that not everyone will feel good about, but if you think you're able to get around it, it's one thing you can get a lot of joy from

If it doesn't fit into any of these categories, you should start to wonder why you built a gun safe in Pistola for the first place. Is it a good reason to spend time and work to do a job at all costs? You have to be very motivated to build your safe because there will be a lot of time, and you'll give you some headaches along the way. If not, it would be better to buy a model that is already ready to be used for use.

Decide how Viel security

The easiest way to build the gun is likely the type of wooden barrier. It's perfect for the addition of furniture at home to a nice piece of furniture. It can be particularly tempting if it has a few shotguns that you want to show through a glass disk

But this type of locker is a lot less safe than a steel safe. Therefore, you need to reflect on how to I set priorities. Do you want a place to show your firearms or somewhere, which is hard, in?

It's likely to come to what your biggest fears are. Is he worried that the children who receive your Gunsor are the biggest concerned about the fact that someone can come in and use his weapons against her? Maybe you're just a vegan and to save her and organize it in?

It's fair to say that for most people it's a lot easier to build a pretty secure wooden closet instead of building too much of the stainless steel pistol. If you want, the maximum amount of security and protection to enjoy a very difficult job to do

Look at the Stealth Regal downstairs! Good chance. to hide your firearm!

What kind of gun safe do you want to build?

If you think seriously about how to build a gun in safety, then it's time to take into account the different types of security you can choose. A good starting point is to check some of the business models.

Do you want a small and portable weapon, safe in your nightstand? Or maybe you want to hide your guns? Another chance Is it that you're sure you have a big gun that was robbed with the floor? There are different ways to have a safe that answers your needs and will fit into your home. If you build your gun safe, you hide it more easily in your own home. For example, you could build on a closet or a bed. It is certainly worth thinking about some serious thought, of course, of what kind of sure it suits best, before you go ahead.

Can you improve a base gun safe or start it from Scratch?

Just because you want to build your own plunger, doesn't automatically mean you have to do everything you need to do everything you need to do. First, it should consider whether it makes more sense to buy an essential juice and add some auctions to this purpose:

Maybe you could buy a pretty simple model and increase the protection to make it harder to break. It is also possible to add a biometric scanner or to improve its functions and ease of use

The addition of an internal light is a simple improvement, which immediately makes the use of a custom weapon easier, if you have to open it in the course of the night. You could also add a couple of beautiful carpets or foam to protect the firearms

If you're not entirely confident that your abilities DIY improve an existing safe, it's probably the best approach to make. In this way, you will receive a highly customized safe, which will probably make the original and have a lot of happiness. On the other hand, if you trust your abilities, you might start to start trying to start some reason.

Use existing furniture, walls, or flowers?

If you buy a gun in safety, then there will be four walls, a floor, and a roof. Of course, it is. This is all of it that it serves the safe, isn't it? Now, when you build a house, you can use parts of your own house or things in him, to make life easier. For example, is there a robust toilet that can use a starting point?

Another way is to use the walls and floors of your house as part of the caved. For many people, the simplicity solution is to use an existing waiter that is needed in more beta than necessary.

It is not only easier to do that, but also a stronger security type, which cannot be easily relieved and taken away. Of course, it is important to have the correct position, because it cannot be moved once you have created it

What kind of tools do you need?

To find out the tools you're going to use, it's important to understand first of all what kind of gun is safe. If you think of Pistolenbre's model of pepper, which has been mentioned previously, you will need to choose the tools for the woodworking

If you work with steel, we're going to need electrical appliances. The best guns do not offer guards who attack intruders. The welds are often skipped, but while they offer starches, they can be attacked

Warm welding is one way to confuse two sheets without climbing. This ensures that the result is more similar to a single sheet of a sheet and not to two layers that have been connected to each other.

This is the most difficult part of the process for most people who want to find out how to build a gun. Quite builds, most of us don't have the skills and the tools to do the welding part in a fairly high standard.An alternative option is to do this out-of-source job. If you have a welding expert to build the body of the vault. it will have higher quality, even if this will increase its costs

The door to the vault is another important element. It's a good idea to look at some wounded tresors, to see how the doors have been built to make them extremely difficult to do. A fixed and fixed steel door down to a wounded attack on her

Look at the Locks and the Bolts

The next question is how to save the door. Now, with the body of the safe, ready to canonate on the different. types of locking mechanism.

They want to open up as hard as possible. But they also want it to be easy to open and without problems in the event of an emergency.

The size and number of screws indicate a good indication of safety, but these problems are not the only factors to be taken into account. You also have to reflect on where they are and how they arrive. Recheck the locking mechanisms on high-quality tresors to see how, durably, they will permanently sink the safes. If the rest of the vault is robust and well built, an experienced thief could identify the bolts as a possible weak the spot that can be attacked

If you have decided to dig one of the less secure pistol peaks, it is less likely that the locking mechanism is the weakest point in the whole issue. In this case, there is nothing to worry about for the bolts, because the thieves are likely to find more simple routes through wood or glass, however

Do you open your keys, a fingerprint scanner, or a numbered vital field? The best safe on the market, usually, use a scanner with a back-end key. With a single scanner is dangerous, how can you -Lockdown the end of the find lock. Work for the costs.

At this stage, you should start to imagine a clear idea of what your safe will be like. This will start to see the cost of this cost.

If you shoot Beton in a waiter room and then add a safe door, it will be a lottery, when the whole body is too white to sway the body of steel. Adaptation and strengthening of a basic guarantee system can also be produced from a smaller budget.

Now is a good time to work with your budget. Will it work at a reasonable price, or could it be similar to what you would pay to buy a gun in security, anyway? If the savings money is your main concern, you might think that saving is not enough to justify the cost.

Don't forget that big producer save money, buying parts of a shock and very fast construction buildings. They have teams of experienced workers who manage to assemble the tresors quickly and efficiently. If you build a high-quality weapon, then it will not be very convenient to do so. You will save at the cost of labor, but the price of the parties is still largely fried up to a defaulting.

Try to test the incubation

So, if you're brave enough to figure out how to build a gun in safety and then really? Congratulations, if you do. because you're safe to feel a huge amount of happiness of funeral work

However, before you begin to use, you want to test it carefully. Why? Professionally safe construction companies spend hours and hours testing their products before offering them up for sale. To do it right, you should look for weaknesses, and try to make different choices, open it up. If you find some flaws, he'll come back to the bullshit to try to solve the problem. You may get a lot of processes and mistakes to get it accurate, so you have to be patient with the trial stage

If you have a safe ready to use it, it might be a good idea to bring a friend to test it. They can ' it would find a weakness you neglected.

Finally, if you're sure you're on the toughest exam bench, you're ready to use it.