The Best Gun Safe for the Money

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The Best Gun Safe for the Money

Anyone that has decided to take on the responsibility of owning a firearm for home defense, sporting purposes, or any other reason needs to go to the most enormous lengths possible to make sure that they can secure their firearm when not in use.

Most firearm owners are as responsible as you would expect them to be, though almost all firearm owners would like to be sure that they are investing in a a high-quality gun safe option that not only allows them to access their instantly firearms in an emergency – but also protects those closest to them (including small children who have a natural curiosity that can be problematic with firearms in the home) at the same time.

Trying to find the best gun safe for the money can be a real headache and hassle. Not because there are so few top-of-the-line options out there, but precisely because there are so many. Finding the best gun safe is going to mean something different to you, and then it will mean to your neighbors who own firearms as well – which is why we have created this quick guide.

Not only will we break down some of the gun safe features available on the market today at nearly every price point, but will also give you a couple of keys factors that you’ll want to consider before you purchase any gun safe in the future.

Important things to focus on before you buy a gun safe

Before we start to dive into the specific gun safe options that we have uncovered at the best of the best at their price point (something that we’ll tackle in just a moment), you must focus on key considerations and special features (storage for multiple rifles or hand guns / hidden in the wall / etc) or factors that can make or break your gun safe purchase. But maybe you are just looking for a home safe in which you can keep a firearm safe. But let’s focus on the best gun safe.

In the youtube video below, you are given five tips about important things you need to know before you are going to buy a new gun safe!

To see our tips about buying a new gun safe which is the best for the money, we came up with a handy list as well. See the youtube and read our tips below and then you are ready to buy the best gun safe available!

Your budget for the safe buying is important – but not most important

Obviously, you’re going to have a set budget that you’ll want to stick to before you dive headfirst into the market – but if you ever bump up against the hard decision of purchasing a gun safe in your budget that doesn’t offer all of the special features that you’re looking for or security options that you had hoped and going a bit above that budget, we hope you’ll always err on the side of caution and spend the extra money. After a few requests to review the best gun safes for less than 300 dollars, we did look into them and wrote an article about them. Check out for yourself for the best gun safe under 300 dollars.

Simplified gun safes are almost always safer and then complex options

There are a couple of different reasons that this is true, but the most obvious is when you find yourself in an emergency and need quick access to your firearm to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

Just because a locking mechanism or security feature is simplified doesn’t mean that it can be compromised in a hurry – it just means that you’ll have less hassle gaining access to your firearm when you need it.

No matter how many security features a safe hand, or how many powerful construction materials a safe is constructed out of, you need to investigate all of the components that come together to create your new gun safe before you can determine whether or not it’s the best option on the market.

All the advanced locks, biometric fingerprint safes, and all the other bells and whistles available today won’t mean a a whole lot if the entire thing is constructed out of cardboard.

Protected against fires?

Another issue which you have to think off, is the fact whether you want your gun safe to be fireproof. Yes, there is a difference between a gun safe which is against unrightful access (burglary) and a fireproof gun safe. Of course, there are (especially the more expensive) gun safes which are meant for both.

Now that we’ve tackled some of the key aspects you want to focus on, let’s get into the fun stuff!

Let’s break down some of gun safe options!

Master Lock 90KADSPT

Every single firearm in your possession (whether it’s locked up or in the middle of transport) should come with a trigger lock – in fact, some states in the US mandate that your firearm has a trigger lock on it at all times unless it is in use.

One of the most affordable locks (gun safes) available today, the Master Lock 90KADSPT will only cost about $25 yet give you a lifetime of protection that you will appreciate.

Monster Safes Car/Personal Gun Safe

Designed from the ground up to be an effective gun safe when you are looking to transport your firearms form one location to another, the Monster Safes Car/Personal Gun Safe is undoubtedly one of the best affordable gun safe options available right now – regardless of whether or not you want to keep it in your vehicle or store firearms in your home.

The 18 gauge steel construction (and easy to lock mechanism) makes it a dream as far as simplicity is concerned and the approved TSA airline firearms regulation makes it an ideal travel safe under almost any circumstances.

Read more about the best car gun safes.

GunVault GVB2000

One of the most popular gun safes you’ll ever come across. This particular set up has been engineered to hold multiple handguns at a time while giving you nearly instant access to the firearms of the minute that you need it.

Because of its unique mounting capabilities, you’ll be able to secure this gun safe just about anywhere you can imagine in your home or your vehicle, and thanks to the biometric technology that can store up to 15 verified fingerprints you and those closest to you that you trust with access to this firearm will be able to retrieve it in just a few seconds.

V-Line Quick Vault

Not only one of the slimmest gun safes available on the planet today but also an effective, safe option when you have limited space or want to install the safe between wall studs. Ideal when you want to store handguns, tablets, cold hard cash, and jewelry, or anything else that will fit in its rugged and durable frame, for this price you won’t find performance like this anywhere else.

It uses a dedicated push button lock, with over 1000 different programmable access combinations possible, to offer elite level security features as well as nearly instant access to your firearm or valuables in a pinch.

Winchester eVault Biometric Pistol Safe

Winchester eVault Biometric Pistol Safe

Another handgun specific gun safe from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, this is a rather slim looking gun safe that can still hold full frame pistols, spare magazines, an extra box of ammunition, a tactical flashlight, and a whole host of other gear – all without ever getting too bulky. The safe is a California State Department of Justice approved firearms security device, also because of its 16 gauge solid steel construction and biometric locking mechanism.

Homak Fire Resistant 24-Guns Safe

When you’re looking for the big gun vault that will be able to effectively store all of your firearms without taking up too much floorspace, you’ll want to look at this Homak 24-Guns Safe Model.

This specific model is a big gun vault that allows you to store several firearms (rifles, shotguns, and handguns and as well as ammunition and other tactical pieces of equipment all in the same safe) while still keeping it to a limited and low-slung profile. Weighing in at about 420 pounds (empty), this thick 2.5mm hardened steel door construction system will need to be secured to the floor that it is stored – but it offers you perfect protection and safety.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Vault

Inspired by the kind of bank safe safes that one of imagines Jesse James attempting to rob, that legendary outlaw would have more than a bit of a difficult time trying to crack the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 30-Gun safe – no matter how much time or how many advanced tools he had at his disposal.

Crafted out of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel body construction with 14 solid steel locking bolts of each 1.25 inch thick (and weighing in just under 700 pounds), this is easily one of the highest quality and affordable gun vaults available anywhere and is large enough to hold all of the firearms that you’d like to store – and then some. It’s nice that it has a 1-hour fire protection rating at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit as well, but it’s going to set you back quite a bit of money and definitely into your floor space.

Winchester Silverado Premier Gun Vault

If you require a proper fire-resistant and high-end security vault, there is no more reputable brand in the gun safe industry than Winchester. The kind of professional experts that can manufacture and produce a gun safe with a very impressive fire rating of 2 hours at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit and an amazing burglary protection with 4-way locking bolts system, 14 solid steel 1.5 Inch thick locking bolts, drill resistant hard plate. These particular models are regarded as the “Rolls-Royce” models of the gun safe industry and come at a similar price tag…

It’s impossible to put a price tag on this kind of protection, if only because you’ll be able to add as many special features as you like to your Pendleton custom safe – making this the very best the gun safe for the money if you have that kind of scratch allaying around or want to make this big of an investment in your firearm safety and protection.

Hopefully this quick guide of gun storage solutions has given you the kind of insider information you need to make the right purchase for the gun safe to match your specific needs – best of luck!