Best 5 Horizontal Gun Safes

Last Updated: by Jeffrey Huber

There are not many horizontal gun safes on the market, and the main reason for this is because they are made with a special purpose. Vertical gun safes that you can put in your office, in your bedroom, in the closet, in the middle of your room, it doesn't matter. But the horizontal gun safe sure is not so easy because it is made for a special location. If you need a gun that is wider than higher, it usually means you have to hide it somewhere.

The most common spot for a horizontal gun safe is under the bed, and therefore they are also referred to as “under bed gun safes.” In addition to under the bed, they can be installed in the trunk of your vehicle or under the cupboard. The main reason to safely use a gun is the lack of space. If you put the safe under a piece of furniture, you will save space and ensure that the gun remains safely hidden.

The horizontal gun safe is made to store long guns and a few handguns, but it's mostly a gun safe for rifles and shotguns. There are many models available on the market, which means that you can choose your safe through the type of lock, the type of construction, or by the brand, which is great. So, to help you choose the safe, I made my personal top 5 best horizontal gun safes you can read here.

Top 5 Horizontal Gun Safes

Hornady Rapid Safe 98190

Hornady is a brand that is famous for its RFID technology, which you can find in this horizontal gun safe. It's a technology that allows you to open the gun without touching with special RFID-programmed keys safely. These keys are key pendants, bracelets, and stickers, which means you can share it with people you trust. The second lock you can use is a digital combination lock, which requires a 4-6 digit PIN that you can share with people you trust if you want. You can store two or more long guns inside, but that depends on the type of long gun.

The gun safe is made up of 16-gauge steel construction and has internal hardened locking lugs, which means it is virtually impossible to break in. The RFID and Digital Combination locks require power, and this safe has AC power, which means you don't run out of electricity. The safe meets the ASTM standards for the safety of children and has gone through several tests, so it is proven quality.

American Security Defense Vault

American Security is a brand known as AMSEC, and this horizontal gun safe sure is their product that you can place under the bed. The 14-track steel construction ensures that the gun safe remains closed, and its foam upholstered interior fittings ensure that your long guns remain scratch-free. Since it is a horizontal safe, it has a slide plate that pulls out so you can easily grab the long gun on it.

The ESL5 electronic lock ensures that only people with the right code can open the safe. What I like is that the keypad is illuminated, but only during the time you enter into the code. When the safe opens, the light shuts down, so it conserves energy. The under the bed safes usually come with pre-drilled holes, and this safe is not an exception, it comes with four pre-drilled holes.

SnapSafe Under Bed Gun Safe 75400

The horizontal gun safe is made in the form of a steel cabinet and a pull-out drawer inside the cabinet. The drawer has carpeting to prevent your belongings from scratches, and the drawer design gives you larger storage space. You can use it to store handguns, long guns, and other valuables such as documents and jewelry. It's safe under the bed gun, but you can put it in the trunk of your car (if it fits).

The SnapSafe under the bed gun is also safe from 14-track steel construction, and it has the pry-resistant door that prevents any Pry attacks on the safe. The gun safe comes with a digital combination lock, and you can program it for 3-8 digit PIN-number, which is great because no one will know how many digits you've used. If the combination lock fails for any reason (battery runs out), you can unlock the safe with the save lock and key.

MonsterVault Underbed Safe

The MonsterVault gun safe is also safe that you can store under the bed, and it has the same design as the SnapSafe-the drawer design. It's a pretty big gun for sure so you can store your handguns and long guns inside, but the exact number depends on the type of firearm you have. The interior is carpeting, and I think it's a must-have feature for every gun safely.

The horizontal gun safe is made of two steel types safely. The top and the bottom are made of 11-track steel, and the sides are made of 7-gauge steel construction. The digital combination key will only be opened if you enter the correct PIN so that you can be sure that your guns are safe. If you are not yet convinced, you will be glad to hear that the gun comes safely with a 7-year warranty.

Stealth Defense Vault Under Bed Gun Safe DV652

The Stealth Defense horizontal gun safe is similar to the AMSEC safe sure I've reviewed above, and their design is so similar that I can't tell which original is. The pull-off compartment comes with protection against scratching and the construction of 14-gauge steel. There is a room for a long gun and a handgun inside the vault. You can put more firearms inside, but I wouldn't recommend it because it gets cramped.

The digital combi button also lights up when you use it, and the lights turn when the safe is unlocked to save energy, just like the AMSEC model. You don't have to worry about burglars who take the whole vault because you can easily mount them with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware.