Best High-Quality Sturdy Safes

Last Updated: by Jeffrey Huber

When it comes to buying a safe, the safety of your most valuable items should not be left to a safe that sits next to an island of bicycles. If you want to save items that are worth a lot to you, you will need a high-quality, robust safe that will protect your items from fire or theft. High-quality safes are worth the little extra money because, in the long run, they keep your possessions safe in your home. You can even be surprised at how comparable they are with costs and how much better they are in protection.

Fire-Rated for Actual Fires

If a fire resistant safe is the most important feature, you should pay attention to the fire class, how long it will be evaluated, and for what temperature it is. The safes, which are often found in large caste shops, are not designed for fire protection. What they have is a thin line of insulation that helps protect the interior of the vault from heat, but they won't fire up to 1,000 degrees of fire for any length of time. When it comes to your possession, which goes up in flames, it is better to banish on a safe that has been made for a certain period of resistance to the fire and has been tested by a third party for accuracy.

High quality, robust safes like the one at Alford Safe & Lock are made with better insulation with several layers for better protection. High quality, fire protection safes are also tested by a third party and have standard time and temperature values. For example, your high-quality safe can be designed for a 30-minute fire at 1,200 degrees, which means it will cool down the items in your safe for 30 minutes at that temperature.

Burglar Safe Features that work

Always remember how easy it is to pick up the safes you buy in the one-stop-shop stores? Just as you could easily pick it up from the shelf, burglars can pick it up easily from the floor of the closet and run away. In addition to their wearable shape, they also fail at the lock strength and can easily be broken into a crowbar or let them fall out of the ground from a few feet.

In contrast, high-quality safes have features that make it almost impossible to break down for the average thief. For pre meals, they are much larger and can be screwed to your floor so they can't be carried away. Also, you can get a high-quality safe, which has a recking feature, which is a separate lock within the vault, which activates when the first is tampered with, for extra security. High-quality safes also have a drop rating of 35 feet, so thieves don't get to your items, just by dropping the vault on the ground. They would have to tow the big and heavy, safe 3-story high building before they even get a chance to break it open-talk about safely!

High-quality locks on Sturdy Safes, which does not break Break

Cheap safes can easily be broken due to the poor quality of the lock inserted into them. High-quality locks are resistant to manipulations and will not easily unlock or break if they are filled with force. No matter if you have a digital or manual lock on a high-quality safe, it keeps up against brute damage much better than what you find on cheap safes.

The job is dedicated to the hand

Size fits all for baseball caps or couches, but it doesn't work with safes. The cheap, generic safes that you can find in grocery stores will probably not protect your items as well as you think. High-quality safes are produced and graduated to protect certain items extremely well. For example, one needs another fire class to protect paper against a weapon from a fire, as paper can ignite at 451 degrees, and metal can withstand higher temperatures. Buying a safe that protects your special items is the key to the best protection.

Never start from Square One

In the end, cheap safes will always cost more money. No matter if they break and you have to replace the entire safe, or they are destroyed or broken, cost you to lose your valuables, a cheap, safe will at the end cost you a significant amount more than to a high-quality safe that could be repaired if it could be repaired from the start.

It's time to invest in a stable safe and protect your valuables, instead of putting them in the hands of a fake cheap safe. Alford Safe & Lock is available to you for all questions related to the quality of safes, which you have directly for you. Stop in, and you can even be surprised at how affordable a high-quality safe is, especially if you know that it's your items safe for real.