How to break into a stack on gun safe?

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How to break into a stack on gun safe?

In the recent Las Vegas Def-Las Vegas conference, researchers have opened many of the most commercially commercial instruments of simple tools, such as a straw or a puppet, and in one case only in staggering cases. Investigations began after researchers, Toby Bluzmanis, Marc Tobias and Matt Fiddler learned that certain stacks-On-Tresor, who was released by law enforcement authorities to save their firearms, could be opened simply through the handle of the handle,

Then they conducted tests and found that the magnetic poison that opens the door, if the right combination opens, could be triggered by a light bouncing of the vault. One of the researchers had to do with his three years of sacrifice simply by eliminating a couple of inches from the floor and let him fall, a technique very similar to technique. smack , which Alex Lewis showed us about a common digital Tresor a few months ago

Besides, three different stack models-on PS were tested on biometric tresors, which represented a combination of keyboard, biometric fingerprint reader, and evis-level solutions. All three can be easily opened, accessing the finger of the finger and inserting a film of wires or paper with this hole, to move the solenoid that opens the block.

Meanwhile, the stack-On-PC650, which appears to comply with the TSA guidelines, can be opened by removing the rubber plate at the top of the buttons and inserting a small pick-up in the button's saving that touches the locking mechanism. The key presses the locking mechanism. Alternatively, you can use a screwdriver to insert metallurgy into the vault to get the Reset button, which would allow you to combine the combination

You can open the first stack drawer in a drawer in a small hole in the front of the empty plastic panel. From there, a wire can be used for the electromagnet burial. The key-based bypass block can instead be hacked with simple NPRO methods.

The stack-On QAS 710 has room for the safe door, which can be a flat piece of metal or another means of consumption that can be used to activate the locking mechanism. Once again, the solution is even more simple, opening a little pressure with a screwdriver and rotating it again.

It's not just a stack safe-On-On, though the research team apes models of Bulldog, GunVault and Amsecwith alike, and all of them were making the same weaknesses

For example, Bulldog BD 1500 could be opened with metallurgical technique, or by introducing a piece of clothing into the battery's door, which rewinds and opens up

The Gun Vault GV2000S, which is designed for firearms, is crispy, replying a rubber stopper and a thread through the freer holes on the top of the

It should be stressed that almost all of these methods do not do any permanent damage to the vault and it is expected that the owner will not notice that the theft has never been highlighted