Gun Safe Lock Types

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Gun Safe Lock Types

A gun safe is a type of security cabinet that is designed to store and secure firearms and other kinds of ammunition. This is to prevent the improper use of guns by children or individuals who have no idea of handling them properly.

There are more complex safes that include a locking mechanism, and is really effective in keeping the firearms away from the hands of inexperienced or unauthorized people.

The rules and regulations for gun safety require a gun cabinet lock. There are many things to take into consideration when looking for a gun safe to match your needs. Just like any other big purchase, it is best to do plenty of research to ensure you make the right choice. Once you fully understand the basic principles, the process of decision making will be faster and easier.

Types of Locks for Gun Safes

Gun safes are available in a variety of designs. You may pick from a standard lock that works with a key, or by using a combination, or you may pick one of the more sophisticated locks and pick one that unlocks based on your finger print. Regardless of what kind of lock you get for your gun safe, learning how to operate it and what combination is needed to open it, is vital.

Numeric Pass Code Safes

This kind of locking device works by using a numeric pass code to keep the firearms inside. The code can be anything you want, such as your date of birth or wedding anniversary. With this safe, there is the likelihood that you may forget the code in a time of panic and confusion. This could restrict access to your guns.

Another risk is that your code could be figured out by a family member that you do not want having access to your weapon. There are people who write down their numeric pass code, which can be discovered by another person later on.

Biometric Gun Safes

The gun safe is secured with an electronic device that stores fingerprints. Sliding your finger on the scanner that releases the lock will then open the safe. This particular gun safe offers quicker access to your firearms as needed. It also means that your lock would not be lost, forgotten or stolen.

Key Lock Safes

Key locks are suitable for larger safes that have shotguns or rifles. These are probably the most common types of safes. They function with a locking mechanism that locks and unlocks by using a key. Make sure that if you use this safe, the key will not be stolen or lost. Also, young children or intruders can get the key and gain access to your weapons.

Multiple Combination Lock Gun Safe

Instead of having only one option to open your gun safe, nowadays you can buy multiple combination lock gun safes. These gun safes can, for instance, been opened by a numeric passcode or biometric fingerprint and can be overruled by a normal key. In this way, you can always open the safe in case you’ve forgotten the numeric pass code or maybe bruised your finger.

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Here are some ideas to keep in mind if you are shopping for a gun safe:


There are a lot of sizes of gun safes out there. They start from small cases to huge cabinets. The smallest style can only hold a gun and ammunition. It is the ideal size for someone who has a pistol for personal protection. You can place it beside the bed where it is easily accessible should you ever need it.

The medium-sized safes can store other valuable items, besides firearms and ammunition. The biggest gun safes are meant for larger firearms such as rifles and shotguns. They are the best types for hunters who own many weapons.

Security Features

Besides the price, safety is a crucial element when it comes to gun safes. There is no reason to scrimp on a high-quality safe. If you are able to afford a gun, then you should be able to buy a quality safe. What sets one from the other is the security features. Two of the most important security features are water and fire resistance.

Most gun safes are relatively water and fire resistant, but the extent to which they can resist the elements varies a lot. Another security feature is the steel plate encased inside the walls of the gun safe, which prevents a drill from getting right through it.


Another crucial thing to consider is the location of your gun safe. Typically, it is placed in the bedroom against the wall or near a drawer. However, if there are children in the house, take more precautions, and make it a point that the safe is out of sight. If you travel often, you may consider getting a gun safe for your vehicle.

Gun Safe Paraphernalia

Some gun safes include additional features upon buying them, while you may need to get them separately for other safes. Regardless of the case, consider having some of these items to help keep your firearm and safe in the top condition.

Pistol Holders

If you own a lot of firearms, you should get pistol holders. Piling guns together in a safe one atop the other may cause damage. By using pistol holders, you can affix them against the wall of the safe.


Nearly all gun safes have built-in lighting. However, if the one you got does not have a light, or you need to replace it, and there are many lighting styles to choose from. You just have to make sure that it is compatible for your gun safe.


Storing your guns in the safe for longer durations may lead to rust, which makes it challenging to use when the need occurs. Get a dehumidifier to prevent this from happening. These dehumidifiers are available in two types, chemical and electrical. You can use them inside your gun safe.

Keeping your home safe is your big responsibility. The authorities can help you once they are alerted of a the problem, but having your guns secure and safe at home may be what ultimately saves everybody’s lives in your household.

Without a doubt, safety must be the top concern, so make sure that your gun safe is always locked. Having a gun safe will not only prevent potential theft but will also guarantee that nobody can access it, which could result in injury or damage to the weapon.