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Stack-On E-029-SB-C Elite Executive Fire Safe with Combination LockThough not quite as old or as established as some of the other gun safe manufacturers out there on the market today, Stack On gun safes have proven their worth over the last 3+ decades – proving to be some of the most valuable and competent gun safe options available for sale across the planet.

Those gun owners that have already decided to purchase a Stack On gun safe usually report that they are overjoyed with the quality construction materials, engineering and design, ample storage space, and security and locking mechanisms used throughout their product line – but you yourself may still have some questions before taking the plunge and investing in one of these Stack On safes.

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This quick breakdown has been created to give you answers to each and every one of those questions that you may have, hopefully pointing you in the right direction as to whether or not this particular brand of gun safes and gun vaults can give you the results you are looking for.

First Impressions

At first blush, gun safes of Stack On do not look all that different from any of the other options available from much more reputable or well-known brands – but believing that they have nothing new to offer under the surface of those full steel plates would be a major mistake.

You see, Stack On designers and engineers have stripped-down the traditional gun safe and gun vault solution right down to the ground, rebuilding the entire thing from the very basic components to create a high quality gun safe solution that is durable, reliable, secure, and affordable.

Usually in this industry you can only get three of those four options – but that won’t be a problem when you decide to go with Stack On safes!

A lot of advanced technology, security features, and robust locking mechanisms are built right into these gun safe options, affording every one that decides to invest in these high quality solutions the peace of mind that they deserve. You won’t have to worry about your firearms falling into the wrong hands or being damaged by fire or flooding thanks to the incredible technology that is “cooked right into” each of these gun safes.

Stack-On KeepEm Safe logoSafety Features and Technology

There are a wide range of gun safes from Stack On (also known as security cabinets or gun cabinets in their catalog), and each of them takes advantage of unique security and safety features and technology.

However, each and every one of those options are manufactured from the highest possible quality steel box components, with professional welded joints used throughout to make sure that each component is perfectly and permanently attached to one another.

All of the steel Stack On security cabinets and gun safes also take advantage of a steel three point locking system that can serve as the “backbone” of the security features integrated into the solutions. Other features can be added to any of their security or gun cabinet products, including biometric scanners, fingerprint readers, combination locks, and a number of other customized solutions.

Finally, every single one of the gun safes come with predrilled mounting holes so that they can be secured to your house, your home, your place of business, or (in the event of the smaller handgun sized gun safes) inside of your vehicle.

This is just another layer of safety and protection that Stack On commits to when you become a customer or client of theirs.

Stack-On SPAPR-4 4-Position Pistol RackIncluded Warranty

There are a number of different warranty programs available for Stack On safes, and it’s important that you find the proper details for the particular option you have decided to move forward with.

These warranties range from lifetime guarantees down to limited one-year warranties, and since there is such a large timeline between them it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re getting into when you make this type of purchase.

Brand Reputation

Stack On may not have the same kind of legendary reputation that their competitors do, but for more than 30 years they have been providing firearm owners with responsible and high quality solutions to protect and store all of their firearms without any headache, hassle, worry or concern.

The professionals are quite positive about the Stack On gun safes. You can find some videos on youtube with reviews. See below about a review of a real gun owner who needed a new gun safe. He’s showing very detailed how the biometric gun safe of Stack On looks like and what he thinks of it.


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