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Fingerprint Gun Safe

When looking at all of the different gun safe solutions available on the market today, it’s almost impossible to ignore the highly advanced (and super secure) fingerprint gun safes available right now.

Widely considered to be some of the very best of the best as far as firearm storage options are concerned (especially those designed for handgun storage that you can almost immediately access an emergency situation), you would have to be at least a little bit crazy not to consider this option moving forward.

At the same time, you can’t just walk into a gun shop and hope to walk away with a high quality fingerprint safe – there are a handful of key things that you’ll want to investigate before you invest in this type of advanced solution.

Here are critical criteria that you cannot afford to overlook.

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Are you comfortable using a fingerprint gun safe?

Viking VS-38BL Extra wide laptop safe. Biometric Fingerprint SafeThe first thing (but not the most obvious thing) that you’ll want to pay attention to when trying to figure out whether or not a fingerprint also called biometric gun safes is right for you is just how comfortable you are using this kind of technology.

Obviously, there are key speed factors that come into play when you are able to simply slap your hand on top of a gun safe, have it instantly read your fingerprints and grant you access – allowing you to deploy your firearm in an emergency situation in milliseconds.

At the same time, there are some who just do not feel safe or secure without being able to manually lock their system down (especially those that tend to be at least a little bit forgetful). Now, as a responsible gun owner you will do absolutely everything you can to verify that you have in fact secured your firearm – but having that tactile feedback that manual locks give (that a fingerprint safe may not) is a key part of the process.

You’re comfort level with your new gun safe is going to dictate just how effectively your able to leverage its particular features.

Restricting access is just as important as granting access

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint SafeOne of the more attractive things you’re going to discover about fingerprint gun safes is that they give you the ability to record multiple verified fingerprint settings so that you can grant access to different people in your home so that they can deploy a firearm in an emergency situation as well.

However, some people are a little bit nervous about this kind of feature – after all, what if someone that you trusted decided to use the “administrative power” granted to them by their inclusion in the fingerprint set up to give someone else access to your box without you knowing it?

Well, you’re going to appreciate that most of the advanced fingerprint safes out there allow you to dictate a single “master set” of fingerprints that control all the others. This is going to give you peace of mind you need and deserve to know that you’ll be able to restrict access with fingerprints just as easily as you’ll be able to grant it.

Make sure that you securely mount your fingerprint gun safe

Sourcingbay Fingerprint Pistol Safe Box Gun Vault Jewelry Safe Box Car Home Biometric KeylessAnother key component that you’ll want to factor into your purchasing decision is how you are going to mount your new gun safe. If you are investing in a handgun only safe, this shouldn’t be too terribly difficult as most of them come with mounting brackets – but larger gun safes may require you to get a little bit creative with your approach.

The best car gun safes can come with car specific bracket, universal bracket or just with a strong cable which can be fitted around a fixed strong part of the car (part of the seats for instance).

After all, given enough time (and an endless amount of resources) thieves or criminals will simply take your safe and crack it at their convenience – unless you have mounted it to a secure surface. This is a step you cannot afford to ignore.

Consider investing in a gun safe that allows you to store ammunition separately from your firearms

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe - Safely secure your valuables or handgun in the new Home DefenderThe last thing that we are going to touch on in this quick article is that you should look for fingerprint gun safes that allow you to store your ammunition (in box form or already loaded into magazines) separately from your firearms – preferably behind their own fingerprint lock.

This is almost a safe within a safe, and allows you an extra layer of security and confidence that you won’t find in options that do not have this special feature. You’ll obviously need to pay a little bit more for this particular setup, but most people that have a gun safe set up this way are appreciative of the extra layer of security that they get to take advantage of.

So long as you pay attention to the details above, you should have no trouble whatsoever finding the best fingerprint gun safe for your needs!

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