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Car Gun Safe

Gunvault MVB500 Microvault Biometric Pistol Gun SafeYou don’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to keep your gun safe in your car. There are many car gun safes available. If you travel interstate, you might want to check out the regulations as well.

A properly set up and installed gun safe in your car is going to allow you to carry your firearms daily without any headache or hassle whatsoever – knowing that they are 100% safe and 100% secure even if your vehicle is stolen!

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Also pay attention whether the gun safe is fireproof. You might want to consider that very important.

At the same time, you need to go to great lengths to make sure that you are purchasing (and installing) the best possible gun safe you can afford. There are too terribly many “so-so” options available out there right now that will leave you with a real mess on your hands moving forward if you aren’t careful.

If you are more after a secure way how to carry your hand gun or rifle around then you should look into the special hand gun cases or rifle cases. These are made to keep your firearms secure while traveling outside. Of course, the car gun safes are ideal for keeping your gun secure in your car.

Here are the specific steps (and key aspects) you’ll want to focus on to invest in the best gun safe for in your car money can buy today!

Always buy the biggest option you can fit in your vehicle

There is a bit of a natural inclination and temptation to buy a car gun safe that fits our handgun or our long guns (and maybe a next her bit of ammunition or a tactical flashlight) and then that’s it – streamlining the whole thing into our vehicle in the process.

In fact, a lot of car gun safe manufacturers are marketing and advertising “slim” and “compact” gun safes to the masses and they have been quite successful added as well.

But what happens when you want to go up from a compact handgun to a full framed 1911 – but can’t safely or consistently carry it with a couple of magazines and that same tactical flashlight because you didn’t have the foresight to purchase the largest gun safe for in your car you could afford and comfortably install in your vehicle?

Always try to purchase the biggest option you can find and install without any headache or hassle to give you the kind of “growing space” you need moving forward. You never know when you’re going to need it.

Spend money on high quality materials and fireproof capabilities

AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor Gun Pistol Cash Safe Box Car Home Biometric KeylessSecondly, you need to make sure that you are not just focusing on the overall price of the gun safe but are instead really focusing on high quality construction materials, advanced locking mechanisms, and fireproof capabilities that only the best options will provide.

Remember, you’re looking to secure one of the most important tools you have ever purchased – and a weapon that can cause a world of hassle, headache, heartbreak, and destruction if it falls into the wrong hands. As a responsible firearm owner you need to own up to this very serious responsibility and do everything in your power to make sure that you are carrying your firearm in your vehicle as safely and as securely as it gets.

You might feel like all of these advanced capabilities are a little bit on the more expensive side or unnecessary side of things, but you’ll appreciate the extra benefits if you ever find yourself in a position where you need them.

Tryout multiple models before you decide

This can get a little bit tricky at first (especially if you are looking to purchase your new gun safe online, but if possible you’ll want to get your hands on multiple models to see how they work in action before you “pull the trigger” on your next purchase.

Some are going to be easier to access than others thanks to advanced opening mechanisms and locking systems, whereas others are going to “feel right” when you need to deploy them or when they are mounted to your vehicle.

Trying about in advance is the best way to get 100% comfortable with your new investment, and is definitely recommended.

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in BlackTwo locks are better than one

The final real piece of the puzzle that you’ll want to focus on when looking to purchase a high quality gun safe is that you buy a system that takes advantage of advanced locking mechanisms – not AN advanced locking mechanism.

A biometric scanner, a fingerprint solution, a digital passcode, or a combination/traditional key lock system is only going to be as effective as the rest of the security solutions built right into your new car gun safe. When you double the locking mechanisms required to gain access to your solution, you improve the safety and security dramatically. This is especially true if that biometric scanner or fingerprint solution (or any of the locking mechanisms, for that matter) give you instant overriding access to your firearm – and only you this kind of access – with the other locking mechanisms acting as a deterrent for thieves or unauthorized usage.

See the youtube video below to see the comparison of two very popular car gun safes:

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